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Greek scientists: We will soon create new cheaper COVID-19 test

Scientists in Greece say they are close to creating a molecular test to establish the COVID-19 virus that will provide a cheaper alternative to imported test kits as well as continuous access to supplies, Reuters reported.
Greece currently uses diagnostic kits imported from different suppliers from abroad. The expected new test will use a worn secretion and will be available “in the near future,” two of the participants in the scientific team said, BTA reported.

According to the Greek team, the accuracy of the new test will be over 90 percent. Scientific centres and at least two state universities are involved in the project, launched in February.

In an interview this week with Sky and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis mentioned the project and said that thanks to him Greece would not be dependent on importing tests from abroad. He also announced that soon the country will be able to make a substantial announcement in the field of studies of therapeutic protocols for COVID-19.

Greek scientists also reported that they also developed an antibody test against COVID-19 with an accuracy of more than 90 percent. Studies are being carried out on the ways in which antibodies can be used to potentially treat the disease.


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