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Frequent trips made us happy

People who can't wait to travel after the end of the pandemic now also have scientific support for their aspirations, the electronic edition Medicalexpress wrote, as quoted by BTA.
Research by a specialist from the University of Washington State published in the journal Travel Analyses suggests that people who travel regularly are happier than people who don't travel at all.

Bambu Cheng, a lecturer at the school of tourism management at the university conducted research to find out why some people travel more often than others and whether travel and experience as tourists affect happiness and well-being.

His research results suggest that people who pay more attention to tourist information and often discuss their travel plans with friends more often and regularly go on vacations than people who do not think about their next trip constantly.

Study participants who regularly travel more than a hundred and fifty kilometres from home were about 7 percent happier than people who rarely or did not move away from their homes at all.

"Work, family life and friends have the most significant role to play in the general description of well-being, but the travel experience has a small but significant effect on self-assessment of life satisfaction,ā€ says Cheng. ā€œIt illustrates the importance of being able to break away from routine and try new things,ā€ he said.

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