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Flying car is ready to ride passengers through the air (Video)

General Motors (General Motors) has unmanned flying Cadillac (Cadillac) that takes off and lands vertically and can carry passengers over the streets and higher in the air, Reuters reported.
A senior head from the US company described the concept as “rethinking the future of personal transport.”

The one-seater Cadillac, which is technically vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), will be able to travel from a city roof to a city roof at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, BTA reports.

It is fully autonomous and fully electric, with 90 kilowatt engine, GM Ultium battery kit and ultra-light bodywork with four pairs of rotors.

The flying Cadillac was presented in a video as part of a virtual presentation by CEO Mary Barra, along with a family-friendly Cadillac shuttle mobile.

Last year, Barra revealed that the automaker was exploring alternative modes of transport such as air taxis, Reuters recalls.

The concepts in the video from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) were presented by General Motors Design Director Mike Simcoe, who described the flying car as the “Cadillac of urban air mobility.”

The autonomous shuttle Cadillac, described in the clip as 'arriving soon', has a sleek silhouette that is reminiscent of the Cruise Origin model Cruise Origin, also designed by Simcoe's team. It features front and rear sliding doors and a panoramic glass roof.

The cabin has lounge seating areas, plus biometric sensors, voice control and hand gesture recognition.

General Motors does not disclose further details.


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