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Final! British scientists: Hydroxychloroquine does not cure COVID-19

British scientists published the preliminary results of the first comprehensive clinical trials with the use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19, the MedrXIV e-library reports.
Trials have confirmed that this preparation does not help patients, and sometimes worsens their state of health. “Preliminary results from our randomized clinical trials indicate that hydroxychloroquine is not an effective remedy for patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Moreover, they spent more time in hospital, more often dying or needing artificial ventilation devices compared to patients treated with traditional methods,” the scientists wrote.

British medics from the Ricavery Association, under the guidance of Oxford University professor Martin Landrey, conducted their first clinical trials involving 1,500 volunteers with COVID-19 who agreed to take part in the experiments. In parallel, medics monitored the health indicators of some 300,000 British patients who fell victim to the coronavirus infection and received traditional therapy, BTA reports.

The experiment took place under conditions where neither doctors nor patients knew exactly what the volunteers were getting. Whether large doses of hydroxychloroquine or placebo tablets in which the antimalarial preparation is not contained. This provided maximum objectivity of the clinical trial.

Hydroxychloroquine intake did not bring any benefits to the patients. Over the course of one month, 26.8 per cent of those who received hydroxychloroquine could not cope with the infection. Rates of patients on placebo ended up with a better chance - 25 per cent couldn't cope with the infection for 30 days.


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