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Filipino schoolboy prints with three-dimensional printer protective shields for face

A pupil from the Philippines is using his spare time for a good cause, printing dozens of plastic face protection shields with his home three-dimensional printer, Reuters reported.
Sixteen-year-old Markus Chu has taken up the venture, driven by a desire to assist medics battling increasing cases of coronavirus infection in the country.

The student has so far printed over 80 face protection shields. The youngster features pictures of medical officers using them on the frontline in the fight against the contagion, amid a shortage of protective equipment.

Chu has received the three-dimensional printer as a Christmas gift and is now pleased that he can use it to make his modest contribution to the critical situation.

The pupil originally used an online design of facial safety shields, but subsequently changed it to make the products faster and use fewer materials.

Marcus Chu's parents have donated the plastic face protection shields to four hospitals in the capital Manila.


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