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Europe and Australia's three major economies have no plans to block TikTok

Europe's three major economies — Britain, France and Germany, have no plans to block China's TikTok app amid U.S. threats against Chinese technology companies, Radio China reports.
Bloomberg news agency reported that British and French government spokespeople said they had no plans to block TikTok. The British prime minister's spokesman also pointed out that Boris Johnson has not yet had a conversation on this topic with Donald Trump. In addition, a German government official said Germany currently sees no security risks from the Chinese app, so it has no intention of prohibiting its use in the country.

The British government announced recently that it had approved the plan to move the head office of ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, to London. A spokesman of his said electing London was the company's business decision. “The British market is fair and open to investment. Moving the Chinese company's head office will stimulate economic growth and employment in the country,” he added.

In addition, on August 4th at the Aspen Security Forum, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his country would continue to monitor security risks, but there is currently no evidence that the TikTok restriction is necessary. “There are currently no signs that this app is a security risk to Australia or the interests of the Australian people,” he pointed out.


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