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Emil Radev: If there is an accident at work because of a robot, who is responsible?

There's a huge hole in legislation related to artificial intelligence and new technologies. This was stated by the MEP Emil Radev in Varna, where he was invited to participate in a conference dedicated to the new framework programme “Horizon Europe — Education, Innovation, Research”.
The Varna MEP stressed the danger of the rapid introduction of artificial intelligence in some key spheres, without previously legally regulating who is responsible for an accident or accident.

"The introduction of autonomous cars is a huge challenge. We know that if there is a road accident involving a driver-driven car, in most European countries you can claim the driver, the owner of the car or the manufacturer, if there is a defect that caused the accident. With an autonomous vehicle, who are we going to sue? There's no driver, the company that built the software, in a hacking intervention that blocked management, it's no fault.

He gave the following example: in an accident at work caused by a robot, who would be responsible for this? -the employer, the owner of the robot, the one who made the software or who runs the robot... He also mentioned the military sphere where these technologies are entering more and more, and the big countries are compete in their use.

If a drone that has facial recognition targets the given target and launches the missile without human intervention, who is responsible?

“I am the EPP rapporteur on this topic on military technology, so I believe that we are already behind. There has to be regulation, there's a lot of ethical issues. The problem is not only within the EU, this challenge is for all countries”, said Emil Radev.


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