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Earth and moon were subject to asteroid 'bombardment' 800 million years ago

Large craters on the surface of our natural satellite testify that 800 million years ago the Earth-Moon system became the subject of a powerful asteroid “bombardment,” UPI reported, citing a magazine publication. Nature Communications.
Scientists assume that similar powerful collisions, like the one around 65.5 million years ago that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, likely occur once every 100 million years, the BTA reported.

On Earth, traces of collisions that occurred more than 600 million years ago have been wiped out by erosion and volcanic activity, but on the moon impact craters hundreds of millions of years have remained intact.

The authors of the current study from the University of Osaka, Japan, report that the asteroid “bombardment” that the Moon and Earth suffered 800 million years ago are evidenced by large lunar craters captured by the Kaguya spacecraft. Analysis carried out by specialists showed that eight out of nearly sixty similar craters formed simultaneously.

"We believe that the culprit of the asteroid bombardment 800 million years ago is a large celestial body that destroyed and formed the asteroid Eulalia. The total mass of objects that collided with our planet and its natural satellite as a result of this event exceeds by between 30 and 60 times that of the asteroid whose collision with Earth led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The results of the study offer us a new perspective for planetary sciences,” says study leader Kentaro Teranda.


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