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Detector detects instant coronavirus in human beings

Researchers at George Washington University in the metropolitan District of Columbia have created a miniature device that can almost instantly detect the presence of a coronavirus in a person or traces of antibodies formed in the body in response to this pathogen if the patient has already spent this infection. It is noteworthy that the work of the detector is based on the method of color spectroscopy, and the patient can receive the results of the test on a special application to the phone. The specialized portal MedicalXPress reports on the work of researchers, cited by TACC AND BTA.
The detector, consisting of conductors as thick as a hair of human hair and covered with a very thin layer of gold, is able to react to substances in a gaseous state and display them by changing the color of the indicator. For its part, artificial intelligence, analyzing the reaction of the detector, is able to determine what substance is present in human blood.

"During a pandemic, such rapid tests are very important,” notes the author of the development, professor of computer technology at George Washington University Mona Zaglul. “Our officers were able to calibrate the device in such a way as to detect the presence of coronavirus in the blood, in the same way as antibodies formed in patients with COVID-19.”


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