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Cygnus cargo ship disembarked from International Space Station

The US cargo ship Cygnus disembarked from the International Space Station /ISS/, carrying on board garbage and waste, TASS reported.
The disconnection was being streamed live on NASA's site. It starts at 17:12 hours Bulgarian time. After about two weeks, the spacecraft should burn in the dense layers of the atmosphere, transmits BTA.

The ship “Cygnus” of the company “Northrop Grumman” delivered in October to the orbital complex 3.6 tons a variety of cargo - supplies, research utensils, equipment for the station, including a modified model of an on-board toilet, whose development cost 23 million dollars. The next flight of “Cygnus” to the ISS is scheduled for February this year.


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The US spacecraft Cygnus was intercepted with the International Space Station's robotic arm /ISS/and docked with it, world media reported.'Cygnus' docked with ISS
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