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Coffee and black chocolate make us happy, fizzy drinks suppress us

Coffee, black chocolate and small boneless fruits are among the foods that make people happy, while fizzy drinks, donuts and burgers can quickly “give them” a bad mood, writes in. The Daily Old, referring to the results of a study done in the UK, reports the BTA.
The poll, covering 2,000 people, shows which food products have a beneficial effect on human emotions or have the opposite effect on them.

The results of the study show that it takes only 16 minutes after eating a food to have a tangible effect on mood.

Hayley Murget, brand manager at a company Kallo, bespoke by which the consultation was made, says: “It's not surprising that foods high in salt and fat like burgers, pizza and chips are at the top of the list of products capable of making people feel bad. On the other hand, fresh foods like fruit or nuts make us feel good after eating them. We believe in the power of nature and in the impact of environmentally friendly nutrition on our lives. Eating more naturally, we charge not only our bodies, but also our minds and souls.”

Nearly half of the participants admitted that there are foods that make them feel good while eating them, but soon after that their mood drops.

A third of respondents said they rely on different food products to improve their mood.

The study shows that people eat certain products and only then realise that they adversely affect them about ten times a month or more than twice a week.

The foods that make people happy are coffee, dark chocolate, grapes, small boneless fruits, yogurt, eggs, salmon, oranges, apples, melons, mango, mushrooms, avocados, green leafy vegetables, green tea.

Among the food products that “ruin” the mood are donuts, alcohol, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, burgers, candy, pizza, cakes, white bread, chips, milk chocolate, ice cream.


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