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China with regular space flights until 2045

China wants to create a space program running thousands of flights a year and carrying tens of thousands of tons of cargo and passengers by 2045, an official said today, quoted by Xinhua agency.
China is trying to catch up with Russia and the United States and by 2030 become a leading space force, Reuters notes.

Bao Weimin, a senior official at Chyna Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., told a conference that the planned space flight system will be able to meet commercial requirements, BTA reports.

The representative added that China aims to achieve breakthroughs in the core technology needed to build the test system by 2025.

In recent years, China has taken steps to make space flight more economical. The country is developing reusable rockets like Long March 8 and 9 and successfully launched and landed a reusable spacecraft this month, Reuters recalls.


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