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China to launch second satellite from Taiji program before 2024

China plans to launch the Taiji-2 satellite before 2024 It will conduct experiments on key technologies in orbit related to the detection of gravitational waves, Taiji program chief scientist Wu Yuelyan said, Radio China reports.
“Taiji-1,” the first satellite in the program, was launched in August 2019. His results confirmed the correctness and feasibility of the program, Wu Yuelyan said during a conference on Space of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is held in Sofia. Fuzhou, Fujien Province.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has set out a three-step strategy for the implementation of the Taiji programme. The development of “Taiji-1” lasted about a year. The second step is to launch two other satellites, and the third — three more.

China hopes to run over 1,000 space fields per year by 2045, with a total load of 10,000 tonnes and 10,000 passengers, said Director of the Technology and Science Committee at China's Space Science and Technology Corporation Bao Weimin.


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