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China's WJ-700 military drone with successful first flight test

Last Monday, China's military drone WJ-700 successfully carried out its first flight test, company manufacturer China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC) said.
It can fly at high altitude, high speed, has strong resistance and large cargo capacity. The apparatus is capable of carrying out both attack and reconnaissance missions. It is able to conduct precision air-to-ground strikes in multiple scenarios, such as ground attacks, anti-ship and radiation attacks, CASIC's statement said, Radio China reports.

A distinctive feature of the WJ-700 compared to other similar aircraft is its large size, meaning that it has increased payload capacity, allowing it to carry larger ammunition such as anti-ship missiles, as well as to attack outside the usual zone of enemy HVR. commented military expert Wei Doonsiu. According to him, key tactical and even strategic centers, including radar installations, warships and command centers, could be WJ-700 targets.

Upon completion of all tests and inspections, the drone will be officially introduced into arms in the Chinese Army.

CASIC unveiled WJ-700 for the first time during an airshow in the city of Zhuhai in November 2018. By 2024, sales of Chinese drones for military use could borrow 25 percent of the global market, or 17 billion yuan ($2.6 billion), by some estimates. The expectations are that in the next ten years sales of these machines will exceed 110 billion yuan.



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