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China's “Tianven-1" probe took its first selfie en route to Mars (Photo)

China's Tianvan-1" probe sent Earth the first selfie it took on its way to Mars, in reference to October 1, the National Day of the PRC, TASS reported.
“This is the first selfie of the Martian probe from far space,” was the accompanying text of the message posted on the Chinese Space Office website. “Tianven-1" reports to the Motherland on the successful flight and gives her the most heartfelt wishes,” the probe wrote in its address, BTA reports.

Published photos depict the silver landing module and the gold-coloured probe on which the state flag of the PRC is painted. The national symbol of the country was applied to the surface of the apparatus with special materials with powder technology. Its dimensions are 39 by 26 centimeters.

The photos were taken with a camera mounted on the outer wall of “Tianvan-1". On command from Earth, she separated from the probe and took photographs using two wide-angle lenses. After that, they were sent via Wi-Fi to “Tianvan-1", and then to Earth.

The probe was launched on July 23 from the Wangchang Cosmodrome in the southern Chinese province of Hainan. In about seven months, the lander will approach Mars with a series of four maneuvers, the first of which was successfully completed in early August. The purpose of the mission is to search for traces of Mars's ancient magnetic field and study the chemical composition of its rocks. Among the mission's scientific objectives are the study of morphology and geological characteristics of the Martian surface, the search for ice deposits and sedimentary rocks, the study of the ionosphere and the planet's internal structure.


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