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China's space corporation CASC prepares for record number of launches in 2021

The Chinese Corporation for Aerospace Science and Technology (CASC) is a leading force in the country's aerospace industry. It recently unveiled a plan for over 40 launches into space in 2021, which would be a new record for the country.
The construction of the Chinese space station, which is a key mission this year, has already entered the most important stage, in the words of the corporation, Radio China reports.

It has recently emerged that China plans to launch the manned space station's main module in the first half of 2021. In the following missions, the Tianjow-2 freighter and the manned Shenjow-12 lander will be sent into orbit. Another important mission this year is that to Mars of the Tienuon-1 probe .

2020 year was particularly successful and fruitful for the Chinese space industry.

“Ensuring the success of major space projects is still a top priority,” a corporation official said, adding that CASC will improve the efficiency and design of space products through the latest methods, including digitization.


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