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China's largest marine research and training ship commissioned

China's largest to date oceanographic research and training ship, named after Sun Yatsen University, was commissioned in Shanghai on Friday.
The ship is 114.3 metres long and 19.4 metres wide, with global navigation capabilities. Its maximum tested speed of movement is 16 knots, it can travel 15,000 nautical miles, which means carrying out 60-day expeditions with 100 people crew, Radio China reports.

The ship's chief designer, Wu Gan, said this craft possesses the largest displacement, the strongest scientific capabilities and the most innovative design in China. It was described as “a large mobile laboratory at sea.” As well as the main lab on board, which is 760 square feet, the ship can carry 10 more mobile laboratories. It is also equipped with a landing pad for helicopters and drones.

Construction of the ship begins in October 2019. It complies with all international emission standards. The ship is expected to make its first voyage by the end of this year and be ready for official assignments next year.


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