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China revealed name of its first mission to Mars

China's first Mars exploration mission will be called Tianwen-1 (Tianwen-1), China's National Space Agency revealed on Friday.
The name comes from the long poem “Tienwen” (“Questions to Heavens”), written by Qiu Yuen (340-278 BC. BC), one of the great poets of Ancient China.

The Space Agency also reported that future planet-exploration missions will be named after the Tianwan series, meaning the Chinese nation's perseverance in the pursuit of truth and science and exploration of nature and the universe. The logo of planetary missions was also revealed.

China plans to launch a probe to Mars in 2020 and, with one mission, carry out orbiting, landing and moving the planet.

In 2016, China announced April 24 as National Day of Cosmonautics. The date marked the launch of China's first Dongfanghong-1 satellite in 1970. This year marks 50 years since the launch of China's entry into space.


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