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China ready to send probe and rover to Mars

China is in the final phase of preparation for its mission to Mars. It includes sending a probe that will orbit the Red Planet as well as a rover that will land on it, TechCrunch reports.
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According to current plans, the launch of both devices should occur in July this year. It will be China's first rover, being part of a broader strategy by the country to expand its space program, Laden reports.

So far there is not much data on the mission. The orbit probe will also be a point of communication between Earth and the rover. The rover itself will be able to navigate from a distance and study the surface of Mars.

The mission is called Tianwen, and will be the third Earth mission to Mars this year. The US is also preparing the launch of its fifth rover this leaf. And on July 15th, Japan will launch the first Mars probe of the United Arab Emirates.


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