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China plans to build research station at Moon's South Pole

China has completed its studies to implement the fourth phase of the moon exploration program and is expected to build an international research station at its south pole in the future, pointed out Wujen, chief designer of China's Moon Exploration Program.
In an interview with China Space News, he said the fourth phase envisions three missions, sample collection and detailed exploration of resources at the Moon's South Pole, as well as testing key technologies for the construction of the research station.

Waijen explained that there are probably polar days and nights there, too, like Earth's, Radio China explained. It's possible there could be more than 180 consecutive days on the moon, which would be extremely convenient for astronauts, he added.

On Tuesday, China and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding on the construction of an international research station on the Moon. The two countries will use their expertise in space science, research and development activities and technology, together formulate the roadmap for the construction of the lunar exploration station, Woo stressed, adding that China is considering landing at the moon's south pole with longer stays of astronauts.

The 14th Five-year plan (2021 — 2025) envisions China continuing to promote carrier rocket development to help with deep space research, W.


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