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China launches new Earth observation satellite

China has successfully launched a new Earth observation satellite. It happened at 11:58am (Beijing time) on Sunday from the Xichan Cosmodrome in southwest Sichuan province. The satellite, “Gaofan-14” was sent into orbit with the carrier missile “Changzhen-3B”, Radio China reported.
It is an optical satellite that can map the earth's surface stereoscopically in high resolution, create digital models of cots, relief, orthotransformed images, as well as provide basic geographic information.

The goal of the Gaofan series satellites is to build a global remote drilling system that continuously monitors the Earth's surface, oceans and atmosphere. They also need to give China the ability to obtain its own high-resolution data on Earth.

Sunday's launch was also the 354th mission of the Changzhan Series carrier rocket.


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