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China launched the penultimate satellite from the Beidow-3 navigation system

China launched the penultimate satellite from the Beidow-3" navigation satellite system, paving the way for its recent completion and full global coverage in May, Radio China reports.
The satellite, which is the 54th from Baydow, was launched Monday at 7:55am Beijing time by the Sichan Center. It is Beidow-3's second geostationary satellite, with the largest size and duration of operation and the most features, its developers the Chinese Academy of Space Technology said. Among its functions are radio navigation, precise positioning, timing and place synchronization between stations, etc.

The Beidow-3 navigation satellite system will be composed of a total of 30 satellites, including 24 in medium-Earth orbit, three in geostationary and three in an inclined geosynchronous orbit.


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