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China launched the 55th satellite from the Beidow navigation system (Updated)

On June 23, at 9:43am Beijing time from the Xichan Satellite Launch Center with the carrier rocket Changzhen-3B, the 55th satellite from the Beidow navigation system was launched. It is the latest satellite from the global network of the Baidow-3Navigation system, with its development plan completed half a year earlier than planned, Radio China reports.
The navigation satellite system is an important part of space infrastructure. It will provide accurate information and services for production and life. Once the Beidow network is completed, China will be one of the few countries in the world with its own navigation satellite system.

China's ambition is to help unravel the secrets of space and the development of astronautics, as well as building a strong state in space science. CCP Secretary General Xi Jinping repeatedly mentions “dreams of space,” noting that the results of space technology development will better serve for people's well-being.


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