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“Chanae-5" with a first correction of the orbit on its way to Earth

China's Channae-5" spacecraft performed the first adjustment of the orbit on its return path from the moon to Earth, TASS reported, citing China National Space Management.
The ground control group made the route adjustment at 11 hours and 13 minutes Beijing time using the two 25N engines, which were switched on for 28 seconds. All systems of “Chanae-5" are operating normally, and samples taken from the surface of the Moon are in good condition, the Chinese Space Department reported, BTA transmits.

The “Chanae-5" module landed on the moon on December 1st and collected samples of the primer. The return of samples to Earth is expected to occur around December 17, in Inner Mongolia (North China).

If the operation goes smoothly, China will become the third country after the United States and the former USSR to return samples from the Moon to Earth.


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