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Cats or dogs are smarter?

Dog and cat lovers have long argued which of their domestic cadets is smarter. The answer to this question is given by scientists from Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
For the purposes of their study, specialists from Laval University, Canada, and the German Institute for Brain Research have compared the cerebellum in the two types of popular pets, BTA reports.

Scientists have found that dogs have more neurons in the brain than cats. Having more neurons the brain makes man's four-legged comrades better at solving complex tasks.

However, the density of neurons of one square millimeter cerebral cortex is higher in the written ones. The indicator studied, which has proved to be more important than brain size, is short-term memory - in cats it is three times stronger than canine.

Specialists explain that the writings are able to memorize any kind of sequences and better and more accurately analyze the situation.

Swiss scientists from the University of Lausanne also believe that cats are smarter than dogs. They, in turn, stand out their excellent ability to adjust.

Experts also note that by all indicators cats are far better and experienced hunters than dogs. This millions of years ago led to the extinction of dozens of canine species in North America.

Popular opinion states that cats are not subject to training because they are stupid. That view is completely wrong. The reasons cats disobey humans are quite different.

"Cats are smarter than dogs, making them harder to train. A dog is a social animal, while the cat is a lone predator, an individualist. Cats also need no one's approval, which also makes them more unsusceptible to training and communication with others. This is the main reason why cats are thought to be not particularly smart. However, the truth is that they simply do not want to obey anyone”, explains Russian zoopsychologist Tatiana Golneva.


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