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Calculator predicts what is the probability of resting from COVID-19

Polish specialists from the Pomorie Science and Technology Park have developed a calculator that predicts the probability of dying from COVID-19, reports the RIA Novosti site.
According to the representative of the association Magdalena Shvitonska, the program takes into account the age of the patient, his sex and collects information on four main types of chronic diseases, BTA transmits.

When testing the calculator, it turned out that the risk of death in men and women up to the age of 30, without concomitant diseases, accounted for 0.03 and 0.02 percent, respectively.

In those infected with COVID-19 over the age of 80 with diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases, the likelihood of a lethal outcome jumps to 25.86 percent in men and 14.03 percent in women.

In the words of Stwithon, death from the pandemic is highly dependent on lifestyle and related diseases. Latest figures show that people without chronic diseases make up just 1 percent of the fatal toll of COVID-19.


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