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Bulgarian woman with a solution for the settlement of Mars

Varna Kalina Kalcheva has been looking for an answer to the question for years: how to build a human base on the Red Planet. The work is serious - Kalina participated in the NASA competition - Mars 25. And she was selected among the semifinalists, in competition with teams from around the world, BNT reported.
The challenges to life as we know it are numerous when you're on Mars.

"Temperature limits, they are very sharp, very wide intervals there. Then the sand storms, the lack of normal atmosphere, the high radiation”, says Kalina Kalcheva, who is a designer architect.

According to Kalina and her team, the Mars refuge must be built in a cave to provide natural protection from severe conditions.

The structure is designed as a scaffolding of alloys known in rocket construction, covered with an inflatable it is practical to use scaffolding of alloys that have proven their resistance in rocket construction to be covered with inflatable modules.

"And inside this space to create - this is the most complex part, in my opinion - to create an artificial environment resembling as much as possible what people are used to”, said Kalina Kalcheva.

Kalina Kalcheva says that the cosmos provoked her imagination from a small one. She's the daughter of a pilot. Her interests are diverse - she graduated in design in Varna and specializes in architecture in Germany. But - manages to combine the hobby with his profession in the Mars base project.

"In the early stage it was not even the base itself. I was just playing with shapes, playing with volumes,” says Kalina Kalcheva.

After being admitted to the semifinal of the NASA competition, Kalina becomes part of Mars University and receives lectures on the planet's challenges every two weeks. Whether Kalina and her team will reach the final of the competition will become clear at the end of the month.

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