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Brawl Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max - here's who's the tougher VIDEO

Youutube-kanal phonebuff próvetede cravnitelen tect na zdravinatha na galaxy S20 Ultra i iPhone 11 pro max.
For the test, it is used for Samsung and Applé on beton from the natural vicocina and the angle

In the first part of the iPhone 11 pro max ponacia póczadén pañel. iPhone 11 pro max ponacya test po-weight and opocritieto his ce need to be with cracks, dokato vovredite po “camcung” ca néznaitelni.

Upon the edge and the two cmartphona ce proceed to dooctoyno and to worsen camo leki dackotini po craishta.

When cracked on the ecrán, the “aiphon” of the present, to his coarse octaga health.

In this case for endurance with damage to full contact Galaxy S20 Ultra Ponacia 8 cracks, to iPhone 11 Pro Max due to work and cled it. Crane rézultat e léko prédymctvo na “camcung”.


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