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Biologists Discover Longest Genetic Code in Animal World

Biologists have discovered the longest known genome in the animal world - of neoceratodus - a species of Australian double-breathing fish, DPA reported.
Its genetic code consists of 43 million building blocks of DNA, found a study by specialists from laboratories in Konstanz, Würzburg, Hamburg and Vienna, published in the journal”. Natcher.”

The analysis provides information on the genetic and evolutionary development that enabled the species to come to the surface about 400 million years ago. This development is associated with the possibility of the lungs being used to breathe air, as well as changes in the limbs and in the ways of breeding, BTA reported.

Now scientists show that lung development is triggered by a common gene in humans and double-breathing fish.

"The lung development of double-breathing fish can be traced back in time to the same origin as that of terrestrial vertebrates, including humans,” said Prof. Axel Meyer from the University of Konstanz, Germany.

Neoceratodus was first discovered 150 years ago and is considered a “living fossil”.

The results of decoding the genome confirm the hypothesis that this species is more closely related to terrestrial vertebrates than with hand-like ones and is the fish closest to us. These fish can breathe fully with their gills and lungs.

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