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'Bepi Colombo' will move closer to Earth before moving on to Mercury

The Bepi Colombo spacecraft, built by Airbus, will on April 10 approach Earth before continuing its flight to Mercury, the company's website said.
The apparatus will pass about 13 thousand kilometers from our planet. This distance is less than the orbit of the GPS and Galileo navigation satellites, BTA reported.

The previous time “Bepi Colombo”, launched with the help of the carrier rocket “Ariane 5", was located near the Earth in October 2018.

The spacecraft is about to overcome a distance of 8.5 billion kilometers on its way to Mercury. Near the small planet he will find himself no earlier than December 5, 2025, the press office of Airbus specified.

During its mission, the apparatus will perform eight gravity manoeuvres - one above Earth, two near Venus and six to Mercury itself.


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