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Astrophysicist: Asteroid could fall to Earth a day before US election

An asteroid the size of a huge refrigerator could fall to Earth one day before the US presidential election, claims US astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
The asteroid 2018VP1 - a space rock the size of a huge refrigerator, is floating towards our planet at a speed of more than 25 thousand miles per hour. May fall to Earth on November 2, a day before the US presidential election,” the scientist pointed out, DarikNews reports.

The asteroid is not big enough to cause serious damage, Tyson is sure. “So if the end of the world comes in 2020, it won't be the fault in the universe,” he said.

Presidential elections in the United States will be held on 3 November, with early voting in several states already starting. Incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump is running for a second term and will fight for office with Democratic candidate Joseph Biden. Not only the president of the United States will be elected, but a third of the Senate, the full composition of the House of Representatives, as well as a number of governors and thousands of employees of local legislative and executive bodies.

In social networks, jokes have already appeared, and the asteroid has been called “electoral asteroid 2020".


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