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Astronomers observed the most powerful explosion in the universe

Astronomers reported the largest explosion ever observed in the universe, the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA.
The powerful blast is five times stronger than the largest cosmic explosion ever recorded. It flowed into a black hole located at the core of the galaxy cluster of Ofiucus, a vast cosmic conglomerate of thousands of galaxies, hot gas and dark matter about 390 million light-years from our galaxy.

Astronomers have detected the explosion through NASA's Chandra X-ray Orbital Observatory, the European Space Observatory and land-based telescopes in Australia and India. Black holes not only absorb matter, they also eject matter and energy.

The explosion was so powerful that it carved out a crater in the hot gas that would accommodate 15 galaxies like the Milky Way, said Simona Giacintucci of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, who led the team that monitored the phenomenon.

For the first time, astronomers come across data about a possible explosion from the black hole in 2016. “Chandra” fed images of the galaxy cluster that could be related to a blast. Then, however, scientists ruled out an explosion because of the huge amount of energy needed to form such a large crater in the hot gas.

According to astronomers, the explosion is now over because there is currently no data on the ejection of matter and gases from the black hole.


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