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Astronomers discover a planet giving rise to powerful radio signals

An international team of astronomers discovered an exoplanet that creates powerful radio signals thanks to its interaction with the GJ1151 star it orbits around, Syons Alert reported.
Observations were carried out using the LOFAR radio interferometer, which scans the sky in the low frequency range. Specialists found radiation that could testify to the presence of an exoplanet near a red dwarf 26 light years away from Earth, BTA transmits.

The interaction between the exoplanet and the red dwarf reminds that between Jupiter and its moon Io. It gives rise to radio broadcasting with circular polarization, which in low frequencies can have high power. The Sun's magnetic field, which is a yellow dwarf star, is not strong enough, and the planets are very distant from it to produce a similar effect. The magnetic field of red dwarfs is much stronger.

Scientists ruled out the possibility of another star hovering around GJ1151, which could also cause a similar effect. In their opinion, the exoplanet they discovered is rocky and rotates around its star for 1-5 days.


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