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Archaeologists discovered a satellite settlement on Pliska

A satellite settlement of Pliska was discovered unexpectedly along the route of the Balkan Stream pipeline. Archaeologists are surprised to uncover the 10th century boyar dwellings and also a repeat of Pliska's urban planning model, BNT reported.
The land here has been agricultural for a long time. And getting on their trail is a great chance.

Here in the field of Belogradets began to reveal a large settlement of the X century with boyar dwellings - a great surprise for scientists who did not even suspect its existence.

The building was large, with double-sided masonry, the walls were more than a meter wide.

"This means that the building is representative, which is confirmed not only by the thickness of the walls, but also by the horizontal slabs, which, in fact, are the internal flooring of the premises. In addition, we found parts of water pipes”, said Chief Ass. Dr. Andrei Aladzhov, Head of Archaeological Research.

Luxury is certainly not alien to them. In addition to fine and expensive ceramics, archaeologists also found part of gold earrings.

"Ornated with the very sophisticated technology of granular decoration. This is similar to some of the famous pendants from the Preslav treasure”, he said.

Near the boyar dwelling archaeologists recognize the dugout of service personnel.

We joke to call it the oven on the site - in this part there are basics for chromeles - these are the stones that milled the wheat and prepared the flour for the bread, added Chief Ass. Dr. Aladzhov.

Room of the serving boyars staff, the coal is from the last food made here.

The Boyar dwelling occupies the highest part of the plateau, from where the whole settlement is visible.

"So far we thought that Pliska has two satellite settlements, so to speak - the fortification at Kabiyuk and the fortification in the village of Stan, but in close proximity to Pliska, about 10 km away we found an entirely new settlement center. We can say that we have discovered a new satellite settlement of the first Bulgarian capital Pliska, which in the X century became a rather rich settlement”, explained the head of archaeological research.

After all, the end of the settlement is peaceful, desolate after its inhabitants have left it.

According to him, for the same reasons as Pliska was abandoned at the beginning of the XI century - these are the nomadic tribes that began invading from the north and in fact the population is hiding on the mountain strongholds.

Although efforts on the rescue excavations are far more, scientists are endlessly satisfied with the chance to explore this unknown part of Bulgarian history.


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