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Apple closes all its stores outside China for two weeks

U.S. company Apple Inc. is closing all its retail stores outside China for two weeks to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus, news agencies quoted by BTA said.
The decision made public late last night company boss Tim Cook. On the company's website, he wrote that stores outside China were closing by March 27. Apple learned lessons from closing its stores throughout China when the outbreak there was at its peak. One of them was that the most efficient way to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus was to reduce social contacts, Cook wrote. Today, our stores in China are already open, but as incidence rises elsewhere, we will temporarily close our stores outside China, the company's boss said. Those working in closed offices will continue to receive a salary, and goods produced by the company will be able, as so far, to be bought online.

This week, the iPhone maker reopened its 42 stores in China. It has about 460 stores, about 270 of them are in the US.

On Friday, the funds Apple donated to respond to the coronavirus pandemic — to treat patients and reduce economic damage and social damage — reached $15 million, Cook pointed out.


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